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Should i just throw rodent bait in the attic?


We highly discourage putting baint in the interior of any building especially the attic.  The rodents will eat the bait and could possibly die in the walls or places you can get to.  The smell can be very overwhelming!

Do roof rats come in different sizes? 


Yes , depending on the age you may see juveniles and adults which are different in size.

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The Pest Guru Control Houston –  Rodent Removal Service in 77084 area You Can Trust                                                                     

Seeking rodent removal service in 77084 is the best way to control a home infestation. Rodents come in all shapes and sizes, and they can cause varying effects to a household. The Pest Guru Houston can eliminate and control the rodent infestation for your peace of mind. We use safe and effective removal services to handle your rodent problem. Other species like squirrels chew on garden plants or your wall to find food inside the house. Our professional exterminators will assess the current condition of your home and recommend a pest extermination and management plan. Trust us to provide quality pest removal and management service when you call.                                                                                                            

Get Superior Deals from Seasoned Bear Creek Texas Rodent Exterminators                                                      

It’s crucial to choose a trained Bear Creek Tx rodent removal service provider because dealing with rodents is a tricky job. Rodents are sneaky animals. They can sneak into the crawlspaces or gnaw through the walls to invade a house. We have also serviced clients who complain about other rodents such as squirrels, beavers and gophers. Our experts have rodent proofing skills that can to keep your house rat-proof. Apart from our removal services, we also perform rodent control methods that can deter other types of invasive rodents. We make sure that we handle the animals as humanely as possible. After removing the pests, we inspect the area for damages, install fences, apply sealants and perform other necessary services.                                                                                                       

 How We Work on Our Rodent Control Services in 77084 Area                                                                         

Choosing the right rodent control company is crucial if you want to enjoy a house that’s totally rat-free. We have been the finest rodent management company in the metro for years. We use effective rat control products that will kill rodents and eliminate their waste, thus preventing possible disease. We examine the interior plus exterior parts of your house. Once we have a full grasp of the situation, we proceed to identifying the necessary rat control products.  Some of the areas that are inspected are:

• Cracks in the fascia board or gutter
• Damaged parts of the wall or roof 
• Gaps in between the garage doors
• Defective doors or weather stripping 
• Opened windows in the attic 
• Vents and pipes that lead to your home
• Gaps found in the gutter and fascia board

What are the Types of Rodents Found in 77084                                                        

We at Vespid The Pest Guru  provide top-notch in 77084 rodent removal service. Our experts are adept in dealing with all kinds of rodents. Over the years, we have dealt with all kinds of them. Rodents tend to chew and scratch walls continuously, so they cause terribly irritating noise when they invade homes.  It’s essential to understand the type of rodents infesting your home to implement the right control or removal technique.

• Mice – These are tiny rodents that love to chew on paper and fabric. They tend to reproduce rapidly and sneak into hard to reach areas in the house. 
• Rats – these animals are best known for their long tails and thick coats. Most rats spread life-threatening diseases. They are also highly destructive. 
• Squirrels – these seeming cute critters drive homeowners crazy, most especially when they start making noise or scratching the wooden parts of your homes.

Why We Lead the Rat Exterminator Business in 77084.                                             

Over the years, we have handled quite a large number of requests for 77084 area rodent removal service. Many local customers choose working with us because of our quick response and exceptionally affordable rates. Many locals trust our team because of our proven track record, our speedy delivery and highly affordable rates. If you want a rodent control near me, our company is your best bet.  What makes us stand out among others is that we’re not only rendering services but also give rat removal tips. Our mission is to help you protect your home from unwanted rodents.                                                                                  

Recommended Time to Call in a Rodent Exterminator in 77084                                                

 Rats and other rodents are highly invasive species. When rats gain access to your property, they will most likely cause a lot of damage to the structures as well as your valuables. If you suspect rodent infestation, your first course of action is to contact a rat exterminator in 77084 . Act fast and book a service as soon as possible.  Consult with our professional rodent control and exterminators.                                                                            

How Much Does a Professional Pest Extermination Cost in 77084 area?                                                               

It’s not expensive to hire a 77084 rodent exterminator. There are a variety of factors that are considered by our company when we provide a cost estimate. Each service differs due to the level of difficulty of the situation, but rest assured we will charge you fair and reasonable rates.  More or less, a service from a rat exterminator costs around $50 to $6000.                                                                        

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Your trust is important to us and that is why we provide only professional rodent removal service. Consult with our team and find out how we can help you. They can also do a lot of damage, so it’s crucial to call in a professional as soon as you suspect infestation. Our exterminators are the best in the metro.  Pick up the phone and talk to our seasoned exterminators for a cost estimate today!


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